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Sal Agostinelli
Philadelphia Phillies

Director of International Scouting

“Blue Chips does an outstanding job in attracting a wide variety of programs that many players can actually strive to attend. At any given event you can see Pro Scouts, Top 25 College Programs, Div. I programs as well as solid Div. II and III colleges. That is very rare for a showcase and it sets them apart from the rest.”

Marc Tramuta
NY Mets

Assistant Scouting Director

“They work hard at bringing in the best talent in each region. We as scouts and college coaches can see players together at one time at one location. When you attend a Blue Chip Showcase, you can be confident that many of the top players in an area will be in attendance.”

Dean Albany
Baltimore Orioles

“Their evaluation of players is dead-on and honest. Blue Chips truly attempts to give players an accurate read on where they fit at the next level. The evaluations can really be extremely useful in the recruiting process and something a scout or coach can really trust.”